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Fitness Done Different Mission

Fitness Done Different' was opened in 2008 by a very passionate and dedicated team of personal trainers who aim to improve the quality of personal training provided by the fitness industry.

Our aim at Fitness Done Different is to provide quality, different and fun personal training techniques to assist in ‘Creating the lifestyle you deserve’. Our trainers are dedicated & ready to help you tackle your struggles, achieve your goals & do it all with a smile.

My lifestyle has changed and improved with FD2!

Allan Thompson

When I arrived in OZ from the UK I was 105kg and since joining FD2 and changing my lifestyle I have lost 13kg to weigh 92kg. I HAD TO HAVE MATERIAL TAKEN OUT OF MY KILT, 20CM TO BE PRECISE.

Lisa Brockwell

It was the word different that made us interested in this gym, and it really is!! Our trainer Steve is awesome and genuinely interested, motivating and encouraging. Our sessions are never the same, and always hard, but fun. All the trainers say Hi and smile; the atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly, no posing or feeling intimidated here!

Colin Bloomfield

I train three days a week and over several months I'm extremely happy with the workouts and the results! Look forward to the challenges thrown at me each week and enjoy the great support and encouragement by the trainers and owners of FD2. Definitely one of the best gyms in Brisbane.

Praveen Amudala

Its been one year exactly that I have started with FD2. The best gym that I have seen and can't compare with any other gym. Its the results that I have seen personally over a period of time which kept me motivated me to come to gym 4/5 times a week. I gained strength and confidence week after week and my weight loss mission accomplished.